This our elite list. Only the best of the best will go here.

1. Note that being the best does not imply higher earnings.
2. It only implies the site is still online and paying without major problems for over 2 years.
3. As many of you know most sites do not stay online that long.
4. If a site is still online & paying for over 2 yrs then obviously they are doing something right.
5. Whether or not you agree with the earning potential.
6. Everyone has different needs and ideas on what a site should be.
7. We are not going to base Elite status on earning ratios or rental averages.
8. We feel if a site has been online and paying with no recent issues, it is an Elite Site.
9. It is up to you to decide if the site fits your needs.
10. We are not going to make that judgment for you.